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Apple’s Vision Pro is the great invention that has gained a lot of fame in the world of technology, which was created by the Apple company in 2024.  Apple’s Vision Pro was announced on 5 June , 2023. In the beginning Apple’s Vision Pro was called ”spatial computing”. Apple’s Vision Pro went on the market for purchase on Friday 2 February, 2024 in the United States and all over the world its launch will be scheduled soon. To get more information about Apple’s Vision Pro, Kindly read this article from top to the bottom.

Apple’s Vision Pro Design:

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Apple’s Vision Pro design refers to the design of interfaces and user experiences in a 3D spatial environment, providing a more engaging and intuitive way to interact with digital content.


  • A window displays 2D/3D content in a container.
  • There can be a single window or multiple windows that can be resized as desired.


  • A volume displays 3D content that people can view from any angle.
  • No frames are display around 3D objects.


  • An ornament contains controls or information about a window.
  • These can include components such as toolbar, tab- bar, and video playback controls.


  • The toolbar provided by VisionOS is horizontal and appears at the bottom of a window, slightly in front of the window along the Z axis.
  • Toolbars contain commonly used controls for performing actions in the current view.

Menus  and Popovers:

  • Menus and pop-up windows can expand outside the window.
  • When a button is select, use black label on a white background. This helps the  people have clear information about which button invoked the popup without the need for arrows.

Apple’s Vision Pro weight and Dimensions:

Its weight is about 600 to 650 grams. It’s about the weight of a 12.9 inch iPad pro.

I have the estimated dimensions of Apple’s Vision Pro. These dimensions are as following:

  • Height : 9 cm
  • Width  : 16 cm
  • Depth (Housing) : 4 cm
  • (including light blocker) : 9cm
  • Depth Incl (Headband) : 25 cm

Apple’s Vision Pro Specifications:

The Apple’s Vision Pro will, according to Apple, “ Deliver phenomenal Compute Performance”.

It is is powered by an M2 processor and a new R1 chip used to process input from 12 cameras, 5 sensors and 6 microphones in it.

Apple’s Vision Pro M2 will have 8 CPU Cores and 10 CPU cores. As same as in the higher version of a M2 in the 15 inches MacBook Air and the Mac mini.

Apple’s Vision Pro M2 could support 12 GB RAM and only option of storage is 256 GB. But Apple’s Vision Pro developer kits were outfitted with 1TB of storage.

The Headset also “ Runs Virtually silent” according to Apple.

Apple’s Vision Pro capacity:

The Storage capacity of Apple’s Vision Pro is as following:

  • 256 GB
  • 512 GB
  • 1 TB
  • Display Of Vision Pro:
  • 23 Million Pixels
  • 3D display system
  • Micro-OLED
  • 92% DCI-P3
  • 7.5 Micron Pixel Pitch
  • Vision Pro Battery Timing:
  • Up-to 2 hours of general use.
  • Video watching up-to 2.5 hours of use.
  • Apple’s Vision Pro can also be used while on charging
  • Inputs:
  • Head
  • Eyes 
  • Voice
  • Vision Pro Connectivity:

We can connect Apple’s Vision Pro by using following two methods:

  • Wifi-6
  • Bluetooth-5.3

Apple’s Vision Pro Price:

Apple first revealed a Vision Pro Headset during a Worldwide developer conference in June. At this price Apple’s Vision Pro provides 4K results for each eye. Apple’s Vision Pro offers 256 GB storage and following accessories:

  • Solo Kit Band and Dual Kit Loop
  • Apple’s Vision Pro Cover
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Battery
  • A Light Seal and two light seal Cushions
  • USB-C type Charging Cable and C-type Charger.


“Apple’s Vision Pro” represents Apple’s dedication to providing professionals with innovative tools tailored to their needs. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, it aims to redefine industry standards, offering seamless integration within the Apple ecosystem. Focusing on performance, reliability and user experience, it seeks to elevate creative processes in diverse fields such as design, filmmaking and architecture. This initiative reflects Apple’s continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology while meeting the demands of professional users. However, without specific details or announcements, the exact nature and features of “Apple’s Vision Pro” remain speculative.

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